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Mail PRO

The Unified Communication and Collaboration Platform that your company needs.

Is your company still using a basic or free email service? Get to know Mail Pro and see what you've been missing! Get your professional email me@mycompany under your domain.

Starting from $19.50 USD per mailbox per year.

Get it today!

Switch to Mail Pro and enjoy business hosting under your own domain. Mail Pro offers complete integration of Email, Calendar, Contacts, Chat, Task Listing, Resource Sharing, Synchronization between devices, Web Conferencing, and more. All of this under your company’s personalized domain.

Comparison table

Other hosting providers*

Basic email

Mail Pro

and much more...
Tasks & Notes
Professional email

*Illustrative chart comparing common email services providers like Go Daddy, Hostinger, Neubox, Internetworks, Xpress Hosting, etc.
Compared to the Alveni Cloud Mail PRO service.

Explore its features

Mail Pro offers the best business email service which combines communication, collaboration, and mobility tools that traditional hosting providers do not have. Learn about it!

More than just an email.

Mail Pro offers you the integration of business email with all the essential services that are required today, for the optimal team collaboration that your company needs. Schedule a virtual demo with one of our advisors and get used to the platform!

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With Mail Pro you have the confidence that your information and communication are safe since they are transmitted through SSL and TLS, both high security protocols.

Mail Pro also offers the highest security in your webmail through 2-STEP AUTHENTICATION (like bank portals) so that no one can access your account without your authorization.

Additionally, our 7-layer filtering antispam system helps block 99%+ of viruses and incoming spam.

Your information is kept private, safe, and secure.

Email focused on companies.

Mail Pro is more than just email, as it has useful features throughout its platform so that you can get things done as quickly and easily as possible. From category tabs, cloud storage integration, drag & drop, unified search, and direct links to calendar, documents, and repository to save time.

Attach documents directly from:

  • Storage starting at 10GB per mailbox

    More space so you can access your messages when you need them.

  • Secondary mail server

    Mail Pro has a secondary email service to offer redundancy so if the primary one becomes unavailable, the secondary one will continue to receive emails.

  • Secure document repository

    Included within each mailbox, easily link files in emails with secure access via passwords instead of attaching them.

  • Drag & Drop

    Allows linking files directly from your computer with drag & drop integration in mail, chat, and repository.

  • Attach larger files

    Some email services do not allow the possibility of attaching large files within an email, with Mail PRO this is not a problem!

  • Pop-up notifications

    Receive notifications of new emails and/or messages directly in your browser.


In order to offer a comprehensive, friendly, efficient, and compatible service, Mail Pro integrates calendars, task lists, notes, a document repository, and a contact list in a single platform.

  • Personal private calendars

    Schedule your meetings directly on the Mail PRO platform with the ability to synchronize them across your devices.

  • Individual task lists

    Organize your daily and pending activities in the note editor included in Mail PRO to facilitate your work.

  • Save your notes

    Save your notes, memos, summaries, and drafts directly on the platform without the need of a third-party service.

  • Safe document repository

    We’ve integrated a repository of documents of any type in each mailbox so that you don’t lose or forget any file.

  • Save and sync your contacts

    Mail PRO comes equipped with the ability to store, import, export, and sync your contacts across your devices.

  • Integrated chat with video call capability

    Streamline your team's communication with the direct integration of a chat and video call service, without the need of a third-party service.

  • Private spaces for up to 8 people

    Hold your weekly, progress, or collaboration meetings with your team members within the Workspaces service.

  • Sharing resources

    Ability to share documents, images, videos, among others through URLs instead of attachments.

  • Global calendars

    Share calendars, events, meetings, and various activities between users.

  • Contacts and notes sharing

    Share notes, memos, drafts, letters, and corporate documents with your team.

  • Newsfeed integration

    Capable to add newsfeeds from various sources so you can share news relevant to your location, business, or industry with your employees.

  • Pop-up notifications

    Receive notifications of new emails and/or messages directly in your browser.

Team collaboration

If your company needs to be in constant communication, share resources and documents, assign tasks, and have regular meetings, Mail PRO has the ideal services for it. Mail PRO is already a favorite of many small and medium-sized businesses.

Take all your information: emails, tasks, to-do lists, contacts, documents, and emails wherever you go thanks to Mail Pro‘s integration on iOS and Android. Your information is always synched since we use the most modern protocols such as IMAP, CalDAV, CardDAV, among others.

Compatible with the most modern browsers and mail applications from:


Take Mail Pro everywhere you go!

  • Custom domain

    Access your company's webmail with your own personalized domain (https://mail.mycompanydomain.com)

  • SSL certificate

    Ensure that your access to webmail is 100% secure, since your connection is protected by an SSL/TLS certificate that we’ll install for your domain.

  • Company logo

    Customize your webmail homepage even further with your company logo.

  • Log-off redirection

    Once you decide to end your webmail session, we will redirect you to your business website or wherever you decide.

Additionally, get a custom webmail for your domain.

*The webmail personalization service has an additional cost to the MailPro service.