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Show your customers that your domain is trustworthy and secure.

Protect your company's domain including web, email, database, e-commerce, and other services; with the help of high security SSL certificates.

Prevent the information sent and received by your domain from being the target of malicious attacks.

Benefits of having an SSL certificate

  • Retrieve your data from the WHOIS

  • Hide your company's information

  • Eliminates the "Not Secure" warning from browsers

  • Displays the message "connection is secure" improving your clients' trust

  • Protect your and your users' information

  • Protection against mailcious transfers

  • Blocks "domain hijacking"

  • Support service 24/7.

SSL Certificates


Each of our web hosting plans come included with Free SSL Certificates!

Our hosting service uses basic free certificates provided by Let’s Encrypt. These can be installed with just a few clicks.

If your company requires a higher level of protection for any of your web apps, e-commerce stores, and other key services hosted online, we recommend acquiring a business level certificate, provided by GeoTrust.

Certificados SSL Geotrust

Alveni Cloud offers GeoTrust business level certificates, issued by digicert, worldwide leaders when it comes to internet security.

Tehre exists a variety of certificates targeted for one or more domains / subodmains with varying levels of protection.

Contact us so we can suggest the one that better suits your company.